Offshore Petroleum Exploration Acreage Release 2013

Vulcan Sub-basin

Location of the 2013 Release Areas AC13-1, ACX13-2, AC13-3 and AC13-4 in the Vulcan Sub-basin of the Bonaparte Basin.

Release Areas – AC13-1, AC13-2, AC13-3 and AC13-4

Bids close – 21 November 2013


  • Adjacent to production licences and retention leases in proven oil-producing province
  • Development/production plans for nearby gas and oil fields
  • Shallow–deep water, depths 100–500 m
  • Release Areas flank Jurassic depocentre with oil and gas-prone Jurassic source rocks
  • Significant plays in Triassic and Jurassic horst blocks, Upper Jurassic fan delta/submarine fan and Upper Cretaceous submarine fan sandstones
  • Special Notices apply, refer to Guidance Notes

Release Areas AC13-1, AC13-2, AC13-3 and AC13-4 are located in the western Bonaparte Basin in the Timor Sea. Release Area AC13-1 is located in the Nancar Trough, while Release Areas AC13-2 and AC13-3 are in the northern part of the Vulcan Sub-basin, with the eastern portion of the latter extending onto the Londonderry High. Release Area AC13-4 is located in the southwestern part of the Vulcan Sub-basin.

The Vulcan Sub-basin is a northeast oriented Mesozoic extensional depocentre in the western part of the Bonaparte Basin and comprises a complex series of horsts, graben and terraces. The Swan and Paqualin graben die out to the northeast beneath the younger Cartier Trough. The Montara Terrace flanks the Swan Graben to the east, and the Jabiru Terrace borders the eastern margin of the Cartier Trough. The sub-basin is flanked by Permo–Triassic platforms, the Londonderry High and the Ashmore Platform. It is a proven Jurassic hydrocarbon province containing depleted oil fields, a producing oil field, and oil and gas discoveries that are being considered for development. Upper Jurassic fan delta/submarine fan and Upper Cretaceous submarine fan sandstones are proven exploration targets. Structural traps containing Triassic to Jurassic reservoir sandstones are sealed by Lower Cretaceous claystones.

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