Offshore Petroleum Exploration Acreage Release 2013

Exmouth Plateau

Location of the 2013 Release Areas W13-6, W13-7, W13-8, W13-9 ,W13-14 and W13-15 in the Exmouth Plateau of the Northern Carnarvon Basin.

Release Areas – W13-6, W13-7, W13-8, W13-9, W13-14 and W13-15

Bids close – 21 November 2013 for W13-9, W13-14 and W13-15

Bids close – 22 May 2014 for W13-6, W13-7 and W13-8


  • Australia's premier deep-water gas province
  • Deep to ultra-deep water depths, 850 m to 4500 m
  • Proven Triassic fault block and structural/stratigraphic traps
  • Number of large undrilled areas with potential for discovery of new plays
  • Special Notices apply, refer to Guidance Notes

Release Areas W13-6, W13-7, W13-8, W13-9, W13-14 and W13-15 are located on the Exmouth Plateau of the Northern Carnarvon Basin. Release Areas W13-14 and W13-15 lie within the Investigator Sub-basin close to the Scarborough gas field, and Release Area W13-9 is northeast of the Io/Jansz field. Release Areas W13-6, W13-7 and W13-8 are located in under-explored regions of the northern Exmouth Plateau.

The Exmouth Plateau is a deep-water marginal plateau that is the westernmost structural element of the Northern Carnarvon Basin. The plateau is underlain by 10–15 km of flat-lying and tilted, block-faulted Paleozoic to Mesozoic sedimentary rocks, deposited during periods of extension prior to continental breakup in the Middle Jurassic and Early Cretaceous. The Triassic fluvio-deltaic Mungaroo Formation has been the target for many explorers in the Exmouth Plateau, acting as both source and reservoir in places. Other reservoirs include the Jansz Sandstone as well as sandstone units within the Barrow Group and Brigadier Formation. The Lower Cretaceous Muderong Shale acts as the regional seal. Proven play types include Triassic fault blocks and drapes, and stratigraphic traps of Oxfordian and Early Cretaceous age.

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