Offshore Petroleum Exploration Acreage Release 2013

Eastern Otway Basin

Location of the 2013 Release Areas V13-1 in the Eastern Otway Basin.

Release Areas – V13-1

Bids close – 21 November 2013


  • Located within a gas producing region
  • Access to existing infrastructure and growing energy market
  • Shallow to deep water depths, 70–1030 m
  • Plays include faulted anticlines and tilted fault blocks with cross-fault seal
  • Multiple potential oil- and gas-prone source rocks and active petroleum systems within the region
  • Special Notices apply, refer to Guidance Notes

Release Area V13-1 is located partly within the highly prospective Shipwreck Trough and extends onto the Prawn Platform in the eastern Otway Basin. The Release Area contains two exploration wells, Loch Ard 1 and Eric the Red 1. Release Area V13-1 is located adjacent to a marine reserve Multiple Use Zone (IUCN VI); for further information refer to Special Notices.

The Otway Basin is a northwest-trending passive margin rift basin that was formed during Gondwanan break-up and the Antarctic-Australian separation. Rift-related faulting resulted in the development of large, deep depocentres, including the Voluta and Shipwreck troughs in the offshore part of the basin. The Shipwreck Trough is a structural depression between the Mussel and Prawn platforms. Deposition throughout the Late Cretaceous was dominated by deltaic sedimentation of the Sherbrook Group, which is >5,000 m thick in the trough and contains most of the offshore gas discoveries. Two potential petroleum systems occur in the depocentre to the west of the Release Area; the proven Lower Cretaceous Austral 2 Petroleum System that is the source of the produced gas in the region, and the Upper Cretaceous Austral 3 Petroleum System with a potential Turonian oil-prone source rock.

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