Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics

2015 Nominations

Call for Industry Images

If your organisation has any images that you would like considered for use in promotional material for the annual Acreage Release, please submit these images to: petroleum.exploration@industry.gov.au.

Examples of images sought (in Australian waters) include drilling rigs, seismic vessels and seismic data. Your organisation will be acknowledged on any image selected for use in each document it is used. Images will not be provided for use to parties outside of the Department of Industry and Geoscience Australia.

Call for Industry Nominations of Areas

The area nomination process for the 2015 Acreage Release closes on 30 June 2014.

Stakeholders are invited to nominate vacant offshore areas to be considered for release in 2015. The sustainable annual release of quality petroleum exploration acreage is a key objective of the Australian Government and provides the global petroleum exploration industry with a variety of investment opportunities in Australian waters.

Nomination fact sheet [DOCX 136 kB]

Nomination of an area does not guarantee its inclusion in the 2015 Acreage Release. All nominations are subjected to a rigorous assessment and short listing process.

The Australian Government will determine whether a nominated area may be considered for cash bidding or work program bidding.

Submission of Nominations

Nominations must be submitted on the nomination template Nomination form [DOCX 51 kB]

All nominations are treated as "Commercial-in-Confidence" and should be submitted electronically by e-mail to: petroleum.exploration@industry.gov.au by 4.00pm (local time) on 30 June 2014.

Received nominations will be acknowledged by return email.  It is the responsibility of the nominee to follow up if confirmation is not received.


Industry will be advised of a proposed short list of areas for inclusion in the 2015 Acreage Release through the December issue of Australian Petroleum News.

Proposed areas remain subject to change until the 2015 Acreage Release is launched by the Commonwealth Minister for Industry.

Please note: Any work or forward planning undertaken by companies on the assumption that a nominated area will be included in the 2015 Acreage Release prior to the official launch of the 2015 Acreage Release is done so at the commercial risk and cost of individual operators.

If you wish to be added to the Australian Petroleum News distribution list or have any questions on the nomination process, please e-mail: petroleum.exploration@industry.gov.au.