Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics

Release Areas and Geology

To assist explorers in their consideration of the 2014 Acreage Release areas, this section contains technical information including analysis of petroleum prospectivity and geological settings associated with the release areas, geological data and well listings, shapefiles and General and Special Notices advising of third party considerations for integration into bid development.  Information on bidding and assessment requirements is also provided.

Information in this section is presented by Basin and Sub-basin and is accessible by either selecting the area of interest on the map below or via the table at the bottom of the page.

Information on bidding and assessment [DOCX 675 kB]
This document describes the process for bidding on acreage in the 2014 Acreage Release.
2014 Acreage Release General and Special Notices [DOCX 713 kB]
This document outlines the obligations of offshore petroleum explorers and the rights and interests of others that may apply to the 2014 Acreage Release areas.
2014 Acreage Release shapefiles [ZIP 70 kB]
Map of AustraliaBrowse BasinBonaparte BasinNorthern Carnarvon BasinBight Basin