Australia - General Facts

Area (km2): 7 692 024 (land area)
12 000 000 (offshore area)
Population (million): 20.6 (as at October 2005)
System of Government: Federation (‘Commonwealth’) of six States -
New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania - and two mainland Territories - Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory

Parliamentary democracy based on Westminster system; Federal Parliament consisting of House of Representatives and Senate
Capital: Canberra (population approximately 326,700 as at December 2005)
Main cities (population million): Sydney (4.2), Melbourne (3.5), Brisbane (1.7), Perth (1.4), Adelaide (1.1), Hobart (0.2), Darwin (0.1)
Official language: English
Gross Domestic Product:
(current prices)
A$965.97 billion (2005-06)
Exchange rate (November 2006): A$1 = US$0.7825
A$1 = EU$0.5933
GDP per capita:
(current prices)
A$47 181 (2005-06)
Primary petroleum exports:
(excluding refined products)
A$6.004 billion of which LNG comprised A$4.347 billion (2005-06)
Primary petroleum imports:
(excluding refined products)
A$12.464 million (2005-06)