Guidance Notes for Applicants

Purpose of these Guidance Notes

This book sets out Guidance Notes for Applicants on what is required in application bids, the bid closing dates for each area, application lodgement details, the selection criteria used in assessing those applications, permit conditions and administration that apply once a permit has been granted, special notices outlining the rights and interests of other parties in the 2007 release areas and ‘quicklook maps’ of the release areas.

The Special Notices section will also serve as an ongoing reference for successful applicants for the release areas as they progress towards meeting their work obligations.

This publication has been prepared by the Exploration Section, Offshore Resources Branch in the Australian Government Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources (DITR), in consultation with other Australian Government agencies and the resources Departments in the six States and the Northern Territory.

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Offshore petroleum exploration in Australia operates under a work program bidding system. Before applying for an exploration permit, potential applicants should familiarise themselves with:

These guidelines set out the processes and requirements of exploration permit applications and grants. They are set out in the Applications for an Exploration Permit, Criteria for Assessment of Applications and Permit Conditions and Administration sections.

A full list of legislation, regulations and administrative guidelines setting out operational practices can be found at:

Closing Dates, Lodgement of Applications and Availability of Data outlines the closing bid dates for each area, and details for the lodgement of applications.

Special Notices sets out special notices of titleholder obligations as they apply to the rights and interests of others in the areas released for offshore exploration. This section is particularly important because it sets out the general expectations for liaison activity once a permit is granted, as well as highlighting any additional requirements/conditions for specific areas.

References to the ‘Joint Authority’ refer to the various joint authorities established between the Australian and each State/Northern Territory (NT) government, consisting of both the responsible Australian Government Minister and the relevant State/NT Minister (the ‘Designated Authority’). Further information on the governmental structure for administering offshore petroleum exploration permits can be found in the section on Petroleum Law in Australia in An Overview for Applicants.

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Interested parties are also encouraged to register their contact details (name, title, company, mailing address, phone/fax numbers, e-mail address) at this e mail address to receive a CD-ROM of future annual acreage releases for offshore petroleum exploration, as well as notification when new editions of the Australian Petroleum News are placed on the DITR website.

For a summary of both the mandatory and flexible aspects of the system see the Summary of the Exploration Permit Bid and Work Requirements at the end of the Closing Dates, Lodgement of Applications and Availability of Data section.