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2009 Petroleum Offshore Exploration Acreage Release

2009 Special Petroleum Offshore Acreage Release

Guidance notes for applicants

These guidance notes have been prepared for the 2009 Special Release of Offshore Petroleum Exploration Areas which makes available 2 areas in the Petrel Sub-basin within the Bonaparte Basin and each side of the Northern Territory and Western Australia Offshore Area boundary. The areas have been released especially as they coincide with the known petroleum accumulations of Barnett and Turtle.

This book sets out information for applicants regarding what is required in application bids, the bid closing date, application lodgement details, the selection criteria used in assessing those applications, permit conditions and administration that apply once a permit has been granted, special notices outlining the rights and interests of other parties in the 2009 Special Release Areas.

The Guidance Notes for Applicants (.pdf 181 kB) is available as a downloadable file.

    1. Applications for an exploration permit
    2. Criteria for Assessment of Applications
        Assessment Criteria
        Process for Assessing Applications
        Consideration of Past Performance
        Refusal to Grant a Permit
        Minimum Acceptable Work Program Bids
        Re-Release of Acreage
    3. Permit Conditions and Administration
        Permit Surrender
        Permit Cancellation
        Arrangements to Maintain Good Standing
    4. Closing Dates, Lodgement of Applications and Availability of Data
        Lodgement of Applications
        Availability of Data
        Limit on Number of Permit Renewals
    5. Special Notices
        Notices for All Areas
        Notices for Specific Areas

The Special Notices section will also serve as an ongoing reference for successful applicants for the release areas as they progress towards meeting work obligations.

This publication has been prepared by the Exploration Section, Offshore Resources Branch in the Australian Government Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism (RET), in consultation with other Australian Government agencies and the resources Departments in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Material contained in this book is part of the 2009 Special Offshore Petroleum Acreage Release Package, which is available on the mini CD-ROM or at internet address: www.ret.gov.au/petexp

The producers of this release package welcome any comments or suggestions on its content. Please e-mail comments to: petroleum.exploration@ret.gov.au