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2011 Petroleum Offshore Exploration Acreage Release

Fact Sheets & Checklists

The information included in this section is based on frequently asked questions received by the Australian Government in relation to the Acreage Release process. The fact sheets and check list have been designed to provide a quick overview of key aspects of the Acreage Release process and to assist industry in preparing competitive bids for acreage and managing permits if awarded.

Please note: these documents have been developed as a guide only. They do not replace or amend information provided in the Offshore Petroleum Legislation, Regulations and Guidelines available at: www.ret.gov.au/offshoreresourceslegislation and should not be relied solely upon when making a commercial decision.

Document Name Description File Type
Acreage Release This document describes the annual offshore petroleum exploration acreage release process. [PDF, 316KB] [DOC, 44KB]
Offshore Petroleum Regulation and Legislation Provides an overview of the Australian Government legislation and associated regulatory framework for petroleum related activities in Australian waters. [PDF, 380KB] [DOC, 37KB]
Offshore Greenhouse Gas Storage Outlines the legislative framework for greenhouse gas injection and storage operations in Commonwealth offshore waters under the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006. [PDF, 421KB] [DOC, 49KB]
Joint Authority/Designated Authority Arrangement Details the administration of offshore petroleum exploration in Commonwealth waters, which is shared between the Commonwealth and the State/Northern Territory Governments through a Joint Authority/ Designated Authority arrangement. [PDF, 502KB] [DOC, 44KB]
Area Nomination Explains the process for nominating areas for possible inclusion in the annual Offshore Petroleum Exploration Acreage Release. It includes information on factors considered by the Australian Government when assessing nominations. [PDF, 412KB] [DOC, 38KB]
Area Nomination Form Standard template that can be used as a guide for nomination submissions. [PDF, 121KB] [DOC, 35KB]
Bid Assessment Criteria Explains the criteria taken into account by the Joint Authority when assessing an applicant's bid for offshore petroleum exploration acreage. [PDF, 402KB] [DOC, 41KB]
Work Program Commitments Highlights the Joint Authority's expectations in relation to the title holder's agreed Work Program commitments. [PDF, 430KB] [DOC, 40KB]
Titleholder Obligations Discusses the obligations of offshore petroleum explorers and the rights and interests of others that may apply to areas released for offshore petroleum exploration. [PDF, 553KB] [DOC, 36KB]
Petroleum Discovery Explains the steps that must be taken by a title holder following a petroleum discovery in a permit area. [PDF, 434KB] [DOC, 29KB]
Exploration Permit Renewal and Relinquishment Sets out the expectations and process (including relinquishment) for renewing an exploration permit. [PDF, 416KB] [DOC, 68KB]
Key Sector Contacts Contact list for the Australian Designated Authorities - as at March 2011 [PDF, 502KB] [DOC, 44KB]


Submitting an Exploration Permit Application This check list aims to assist industry in developing and submitting a bid for an exploration permit. It is intended as a guide only and applicants should be familiar with all general information related to all areas and special notices that are specific to the area of release. [PDF, 593KB] [DOC, 70KB]