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2012 Petroleum Offshore Exploration Acreage Release

Exmouth PlateauExmouth Plateau


Release Areas
W12-10, W12-11, W12-12, W12-13 and W12-14

Bids Close
W12-10 and W12-11 - 9 May 2013
W12-12, W12-13 and W12-14 - 8 November 2012
  • Australia’s premier deep-water gas province
  • Deep to ultra deep water depths 850–4,500 m
  • Adjacent to multi-Tcf gas fields and numerous recent discoveries
  • Close to existing and planned regional LNG facilities
  • Fault block and structural/stratigraphic traps

Release Areas W12-10 to W12-14 are located on the Exmouth Plateau, a deep-water marginal plateau of the Northern Carnarvon Basin. The plateau hosts numerous giant to supergiant gas fields, and has recently become Australia’s premier deep-water gas exploration province. Some of the inboard gas fields are currently being developed or are in advanced stages of development planning.

The plateau comprises a thick pre-rift section of block-faulted, Permo-Triassic sediments overlain by thinner Jurassic–Lower Cretaceous syn-rift and thin, condensed, post-rift sediments. Top Triassic fault blocks and their associated overlying drape features, as well as deeper intra-Triassic cross-faults, provide numerous proven structural traps. Proven stratigraphic traps include Lower Cretaceous basin floor fans and Upper Jurassic shoreface sandstones while Upper Triassic pinnacle reefs represent a potential new play type.

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Exmouth Plateau block listing

Exmouth Plateau block listing Exmouth Plateau block listing Exmouth Plateau block listing
Exmouth Plateau block listing Exmouth Plateau block listing