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2012 Petroleum Offshore Exploration Acreage Release

Ceduna Sub-basinGippsland Basin


Release Areas
V12-3 and V12-4

Bids Close - 9 May 2013
  • Located in a world class petroleum province
  • Water depths range from 150–3,000 m
  • Exploration opportunities in deep-water frontier areas
  • Multiple sets of updated geoscientific open file data available

The Gippsland Basin was Australia’s premier hydrocarbon province until the early 1990s, when large scale production commenced on the North West Shelf. Despite its mature age, the basin is still recognised as a world class petroleum province, with annual production rates of around 25 MMstb oil and condensate and 250 MMscf gas.

The two Release Areas offer exploration potential in the under-explored eastern deep-water part of the basin. Good geological control is provided by several successful wells indicating the presence of both gas and liquids in the northern area, while the southern area represents the remaining frontier of the basin.

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Gippsland Basin block listing