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2012 Petroleum Offshore Exploration Acreage Release

Bid Submission


Applicants should note the following key information with respect to the receipt and assessment of applications:

  • Australian Government Gazettal Notice
Rounds Areas
2012 Round 1: Closed Notice of Invitation   (page 24, GN19 16 May 2012) NT12-3, S12-4, T12-1, V12-1, V12-2, W12-1, W12-2, W12-3, W12-4, W12-5, W12-8, W12-9, W12-12, W12‑13, and W12-14.
2012 Round 2: Closed Notice of Invitation   (page 42, GN19 16 May 2012) NT12-1, NT12-2, S12-1, S12-2, S12-3, V12-3, V12-4, T12-2, W12-6, W12-7, W12-10, W12-11.
2011 Re-release areas: Closed Notice of Invitation (page 16, GN20 23 May 2012) AC11-1, NT11-2, V11-3, V11-4, V11-6, W11-3, W11-6, W11-7, W11-16 and W11-17.

Offshore Petroleum Guidelines http://www.nopta.gov.au/legislation/guidelines.html

Submission of applications

All applications relating to offshore titles are to be received by NOPTA on behalf of the Joint Authority, accompanied by the Application for Exploration Permit cover forms

Three (3) bound copies and three (3) searchable electronic copies (on CD or USB) of the application for a single area along with the application cover form, and fee defined below, must be submitted to National Offshore Petroleum Titles Administrator.

The application should then be sealed and clearly marked as “Application for Area” (as appropriate), "Commercial-in-Confidence” and this envelope or package should then be enclosed in a plain covering envelope or package and hand delivered to the address below:

Location Address Date
Perth Office

National Offshore Petroleum Titles Administrator

Level 8, Alluvion House

58 Mounts Bay Road
Perth WA 6000
+61 8 6424 5317

Couriers please report to
level 8 and call the above number from reception.

Bids closed

Melbourne Office

National Offshore Petroleum Titles Administrator

Level 1, 451 Little Bourke St
Melbourne VIC 3000
+61 3 8199 0300

Couriers please report to level one.

Bids closed

**Please call one of the above phone numbers to make an appointment to hand deliver an application (if the application is not being submitted by courier). Alternatvely, email: titles@nopta.gov.au

Applications must be accompanied by a fee payable to the "Department of Resources Energy and Tourism" through an Australian bank or bank cheque.  The amount of the fee is prescribed in Regulations under the Act, and at the time of publishing $A5,220.00 which is GST free.  (See NOPTA's Guideline for Schedule of Fees).

More information

For more information or assistance relating to the lodgement of applications please contact:

National Offshore Petroleum Titles Administrator

Street Address
Level 1
451 Little Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3001

Tel:+61 3 8199 0306